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Some people aren't too sure what I'm about even when I am serious and use no hyperbole, invective, parody, satire, sarcasm or deliberate provocation at all.

To the purpose of normality and rational discourse, I'll use this blog to talk about my run for Columbia School Board. I hope those of you planning to vote in April will take advantage of this place to post comments and ask questions. You may email me at

It would seem that the one constitutive part of my on-line persona I cannot detach from here is my blogger profile. It is as true as it is tongue-in-cheek, and it will be with the rest of this.

Other than that, I am here to speak in neutral vocabularies - the who what when where why and how of classical journalism and Hemingway. No writing tongue-in-cheek to see whose eyeballs I can make bounce .... for that kind of fun, people know where to read me.

Resume for Dave Raithel, Ph.D.

David A. Raithel, Ph.D.


University of Missouri-Columbia, 1983-1990, Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy. AOS/AOC: Marxism, Social-Political Philosophy, Ethics, Epistemology, Theory of Games and Decisions. (My dissertation, Rational Self-Interest and Gauthier's Proviso, is a critical examination of David Gauthier's argument in his Morals by Agreement that a Lockean theory of natural rights can be justified on both transcendental and rational grounds to be the moral basis of civil society.)

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, 1981-1982 (40 hours)

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1979-1981, BA Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude

University of Missouri-Columbia, 1977-1978 (30 hours)

St. Charles Senior High School, St. Charles, Missouri, 1971-1974.
Class rank: 49th of 490

Work History:

Currently unemployed.

January 2007-October 2010: Farm Hand, Hart Farm, Hartsburg, Missouri. Primarily responsible for tending wine grape vines (Norton and Vidal) through four complete seasons; other duties as required to expand and re-invigor a neglected vineyard; additional duties remodeling existing farm house and maintaining 1-acre vegetable plot for local farmer's market. Can operate backhoe, front load shovel, three point hitch with p.t.o. for brush hog, auger, tiller. Reason for leaving: Investor shortage of capital.

September 2005-December 2006: Substitute teacher, Columbia Public Schools. Accepted all assignments at all grade levels at all schools within the district, excepting some upper level HS mathematics and sciences. Voluntarily left when facing possible dismissal for using a vocabulary prohibited by Board policy.

1993-2007: Contract bassist (self-taught) for various working bands based out of Columbia, Missouri and the Lake of the Ozarks region. Regularly worked inside an area defined by the points: Peoria - Lincoln - Wichita - Tulsa - St. Louis. This was not a hobby; the income was a significant and necessary supplement to our household. As a self-taught musician, I cannot read sheet music very well - weak on rhythm notation, but am strong on chord theory and can otherwise follow a lead sheet. 

1990-1993:  Various temporary part and full time jobs usually acquired through temp agencies - drywall packer, warehouse inventory, office manager, roofing laborer, cleaning and repairing portable horse stalls, etc. I fell into these positions when choosing to remain in Columbia with my family, who for private reasons could not join me on the itinerant track for work possibly available in my field elsewhere. (Before entering the Ph.D. program, I had been required to sign a form acknowledging that demographic projections suggested there'd be very slim pickings for jobs in philosophy until sometime in the LATE 1990's.)

1988-1990: Janitor for a now defunct cleaning company while completing dissertation for Ph.D.

1983-1988: Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor, Philosophy Department, University of Missouri-Columbia. Primary responsibility for teaching introductory courses in ethics, symbolic logic, and epistemology/metaphysics. Prepared lectures and tests, delivered same, and assigned grades. Twice recipient of the Superior Graduate Teacher Award in Philosophy.

1977-1982: I attended post-secondary schools supported by the GI Bill and worked summers doing jobs typical of college students. In the months after my discharge but preceding college, I had a job cleaning barges on the Ohio River. I then tried being an animal control officer in St. Charles, Missouri, but discovered I was not well suited to killing dogs.

February 1974-January 1977: Soldier, U.S. Army. Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and then Ft. Ord, California, and stationed at Hindenburg Kaserne, Ansbach, Germany, with the 1st Armored Division. MOS 75D, but assigned to other clerical functions as required.

Prior to leaving High School after the first semester of my senior year and joining the Army, I'd had the usual jobs HS kids have - cut lawns, busboy, ticket taker, construction laborer/drywall packer/gopher. I grew up working in my grandparent's grocery store. Spent one summer selling greeting cards door-to-door. The best job I ever had as a kid was playing bass for a working band on the "Jacks or Better" circuit (a now defunct chain of restaurants in the St. Louis metropolitan area), and the occasional frat party at Washington University, weddings, and bars hosting live music.

Political and Public Experience:
I first engaged in "adult" politics working on Joe Teasdale's first run for governor and then George McGovern's presidential campaign, doing what kids usually do - leaf-letting, door hanging, phone banking, staging media events. During college and to a lesser extent during my graduate school years, I was active in efforts to have American businesses and universities divest from commerce in apartheid South Africa. I was a volunteer for Wendy Noren's first campaign for Boone County Clerk, and through the 80's was one of the many mostly faceless and nameless people who show up un-announced to phone bank or distribute yard signs (a lost art, I might add) for Democratic candidates. Back in the days when Democrats still caucused, I did so for Jesse Jackson, Tom Harkin, and Jerry Brown. In 1992 I ran for the Missouri Senate in the Democratic Primary and collected about 20% of the vote in a race against Joe Moseley, then retiring Boone County Prosecutor. Through the remainder of the 90's I mostly met responsibilities to my family (by then, my wife and I had two sons). I served three years on the Board of Directors for the Fairway Meadows Neighborhood Association (2002-2004). I also served as Boone County Coordinator for Linda Jacobson's 9th Congressional Disrict race in 2004. Also in that time, I was elected to the Boone County Democratic Central Committee. Upon Linda's defeat and my return to music (the only thing that's really ever made me money), I could not both make my commitments to the Committee and make a living, and resigned my seat. Since late 2004, I was again meeting  private responsibilities at the cost of a public presence. That changed with the candidacy which has brought you to read this.

Brief Personal Note: Though such matters should not appear in an actual resume for employment, voters like to know things like this about candidates: My wife Liz and I celebrated our 27th Wedding Anniversary this past December, 2010; she has a Master's in Public Administration and works in the public sector; we have two sons; Dylan is a 2005 graduate of Hickman High School and a 2009 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Natural Resources - and he has a job (to show that miracles can happen) in the field for which he went to school!!!; Mason is a Junior at Hickman High School and a pianist, vocalist, and composer. A music student since he was 9, he hopes and intends to pursue a music composition degree in college. We even have a dog. You might laugh if I told you who our veterinarian is ...